California Couple Arrested in Elder Abuse involving Real Estate Fraud

Allison Tussey —  October 16, 2006 — 9 Comments

Homes Allegedly Stolen from Elderly Woman

Charlene Padilla Humphrey, 51, Twentynine Palms, California, and her husband, Mark Terrence Humphrey, 46, Twentynine Palms, California, were arrested in connection with Grand Theft and Elder Abuse of Garneth Sylvia, 92.

An investigation by the San Bernardino County Real Estate Fraud Unit determined that Charlene Humphrey gained the confidence and trust of the elderly victim and convinced her to move to California from Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

The Humphreys convinced the victim to purchase two homes in Twentynine Palms, California and then pressured the victim into signing over title of the properties to the Humphreys. The Humphreys then took out a loan on one home in the 5400 Block of Morongo Road, which the victim had purchased for $50,000. Charlene Humphrey misled the victim into signing the property over to them as a gift, while the victim believed she was signing documents necessary to receive her share of funds from the home. The victim received nothing and the Humphreys financed $100,000 and used the proceeds to pay off their own debts. Additionally, the Humphreys used stolen proceeds to buy a home in Harlem, Georgia.

The Humphreys also convinced the victim to invest an additional $48,000 for a “Bed and Breakfast” they told the victim they would open in the 72000 block of Sunnyslope Drive, Twentynine Palms. The neighborhood is residential, off the beaten path, and the bed and breakfast was never opened. The victim is currently living in a mobile home park in San Bernardino County. The victim’s loss totals approximately $150,000, which was her life’s savings. The Humphreys are being held on $350,000 bail.

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9 responses to California Couple Arrested in Elder Abuse involving Real Estate Fraud

  1. Great and important blog!

  2. I don’t understand how people would be sick enough to prey on elderly people like that and rob them of everything they have.

  3. CHITRAPORN SUTHIPRASERT December 11, 2007 at 10:24 am

    Dear Ms. Dollar:

    My name is Victor Murillo. I am writting on behalf of this senior couples who had been robbed by their own son. Although they have gone to numerous attorneys, more than dozens offices, icluding government agency like legal aide foundation, Layola Law School (free legal advise dept), no ones is willingly to help her. In 2003 Mrs. Suthiprasert was about to retired from nursing. She has brought and lived in her home for over 20 yrs. Hard earned money was putting into house payment hoping to have a security nest to live when she retired. At that time she owes $80K to the bank. Her house has a market value at approximately $200K. One day her son encourage her to get a refinance by pointing out the benefit of getting lower interest rates, plus a lower payment. She aggreed to follow his advise, and he took her to obtain a equity line of credit loan through Bank of the West in the amount of $80K to pay off the old loan. Later on he manage to contact the bank withouth her knowledge and raised the loan to $200K and took $120K for his own spending. In addition, he also use her identity to apply for other three equity line of credit from Washington Mutual, ELoans, ING Direct totalling to amount of approximately $600K. He continues making payments and kept statements out of this senior lady’s site so she would not be aware of such loans. In addition, he also request statement sent to other address or request an electronic statement to avoid having statement be sent out to this senior lady’s address. In late 2005, he stopped making payments. And that when all kind of litigation started. How he defraud his own mother is by having her signed numerous loan documents. By stating to her that her credit was qualified for the the previous loan and that bank must sell her loan to another banks. Using tricks and lies he manage to make her belive what he was saying were true. Today she is in final stage of loosing her homes. Many attorneys charged her advise or consultation fees but show no promosing sign to recue her. She filed for bankruptcy from getting an impression that it would help solve the problem, because people lied to her. Is there’s a way this poor senior lady could be rescue at all? In addition, he also took her pension saving she been collecting all her life and spent it in the amount of $80K. This poor senior c0uple has no one to turn to for help. Their English is also a big barrier issue as well. They are about to get evicted. We all felt so sorry for them and it’s why we are writting to you on these poor senior couples. Thanks for your time and conisderation.


    Victor Muriilo
    8730 Steart and Gray Rd
    Downey, CA 90241

    Tel 562-303-7600

  4. Dear Ms. Rachel Dollar:

    Do you have suggestions regarding the post Elder Abuse from:

    Posted by CHITRAPORN SUTHIPRASERT on 12/11 at 01:24 AM.

    I’d like to know because this also happened to a very kind two elderly couple.


  5. People prey on the elderly because they are easy victims. Sort of like preying on children, just at the opposite spectrum. It’s sad either way and a crime.

  6. My mom was the victim of elder abuse. A long time student’s parent promised to give her a loan if she would just put four acres of her farm in her name for a short time so she would be able to give her the loan to build dance studio. Her husband Shane Coleman, in return would build my mom a Dance Studio on her Commercial piece of property in Robertsdale, AL. My 75 year old dad was put in the hospital for several weeks due to an injury with his ankle. It was broke in three places. Hours after my dad was released fron the hospital,Tammi Coleman scheduled a meeting for them to go over and sign the legal paper work to finalize the loan she had promised mom if mom would sign over four acres of her land to her and ,Shane Coleman, her husband at the time so that she would be able to get her the loan she couldnt get due to past financial problems.Tammie nor her husband ever showed up at the lawyers office in Mobile,AL where mom and dad signed papers that wasn’t what they had discussed. My dad was straight out of hospital and couldn’t walk for several months later. Tammi never showed up and of course she called to tell m,y mom to go ahead and sighn the papers that everything was all set she got tied up and wouldnt be able to make it. She assured my mom and dad everything wasn okay just to sign papers so she could get the loan money to her right away. Days later, I saw an ad for four 1/2 acre lots for sale on couny rd 71. That was my moms four acres she was told would only be used as collateral for her to get loan with. Some how she also put the commercial piece of property in her name.This property was where she had agreed her husband would build dance studio for my mom. Soon everything my mom worked her whole life for was sliping away with nothing she could do due to her financal problems. We saw several lawyers but couldnt afford them. Tammie Coleman also told mom to stop paying rent at studio we were teaching at due to roof leakage. She said after she got mom the loan she would take care of all her past due bills. There are several others that were involved in sellingb moms property. The lawyer wher paper work was drawn up will also testify on moms behalf. She has since moved many many times. She purchased lots of expensive real estate, remarried a man twice her age as well as is sold me a car I was only supposed to use until mine was fixed. I am yet to recieve a title to car and resently found out the vin numbers on bill of sale didnt match original paper work. Please can anyone help, my parents are old and I am trying to take care of them, but cannot seem to afford the legal help I need. My name is Wendy Smith and addree is 19933 co rd 62 Robertsdale, Al. Phone # 251-747-5848

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  8. That is my sister and brother in law and I am so ashamed that they would do something like that to anyone, much less an elderly person. Charlene did go to prison for the crime but Mark did not. Mark told his then daughter in law that he hopes the woman would just die so he didn’t have to pay her back the money they owed her. Karma is a BITCH

    • I knew Charlene back in the late 90s. She definitely has issues and I wished her well upon my departure. I could not think she could stoop so low deprive an elderly person of her life savings. I hope she had time to reflect during her three years of incarceration. By the way you would not happen to be her relative down in Georgia.

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