Dorean Group Principals Found Guilty

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Dale Scott Heineman and Kurt F. Johnson, principals with the Dorean Group, were found guilty by a federal jury of all remaining counts in the indictment. Sentencing for the two defendants is set for March 18, 2008.

As previously reported by Mortgage Fraud Blog, Heineman, 49, and Johnson, 42, as well as four Dorean Group “brokers” were indicted by a California grand jury in a 68-count superseding indictment charging mail fraud, bank fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and bank fraud, and contempt of court. The superseding indictment added charges of mail fraud, bank fraud, and conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and bank fraud against the following four Dorean Group brokers:

William Julian, 42, Cayce, South Carolina,

Farrel J. LeCompte, Jr., 35, Kingwood, Texas,

Sara J. Magoon, 29, Hamilton, Montana, and

Charles Dewey Tobias, 58, of Longwood, Florida.

These charges are the result of an investigation by the FBI.

The principals of the Dorean Group are Dale Scott Heineman, Union City, California, and Kurt F. Johnson, Sunnyvale, California. They, along with the Dorean Group and four of its brokers, are charged with operating a debt elimination scheme whereby fraudulent documents are recorded as part of their clients’ titles to allegedly transfer lenders’ secured interests in the properties when the corresponding mortgage and home equity loans had not been paid. With this fraudulently-generated free and clear title, some clients, at the direction of the Dorean Group, obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars in home equity loans from independent lenders.

Heineman and Johnson also face contempt of court charges for violating a restraining order and preliminary injunction which prohibited the Dorean Group from engaging in any activities related to its mortgage elimination scheme.

The charges in the superseding indictment relate to 24 properties in California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and Washington with a value of over $6 million. The FBI continues to investigate more than 550 properties throughout 35 states with a potential value of greater than $88 million in loans that may have been affected by this alleged scheme. The FBI is also investigating properties in 19 California counties affected by this alleged scheme.

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7 responses to Dorean Group Principals Found Guilty

  1. I am DOREAN OF DOREANS I so sorry s1stole ideal and docked
    Yaw so bad I thought of ideal over Hillary’s@ROSIEPALMLAWFIRM

  2. I hope kanya gets a lot of time and everyday is miserble without her children and family because aparently she didnt care about mine she stole 100,000.00$ dollars from me and changed my whole life,I may someday be able to forgive but Ill never forget!6/24/10

  3. This woman ruined my life she has 50,000.00 of my money she embesseled by her scheme. I pray for her and hope she pays for what she has done but you know only god will punish her.

  4. As a reminder the DRE (Department of Real Estate) does not help the consumer legally in any way to recover money. The DRE only has the power to revoke licenses.
    The FBI and other agencies have a lot of work to do before they even begin an investigation.
    It is adviced that if you as a consumer have any legit complaints, forward these complaints to the FBI, the district attorney and the DRE.
    For legal advice, contact your attorney.

  5. Anyone out there hear of K Platinum Group, Inc.? The owner Kanya T Coleman has embezzled more than $18 million from unsuspecting homeowners and investors. Her offices were in Danville, Walnut Creek and Sacramento Calif. There is supposedly a DRE hearing Monday 11/26 in Martinez, a hearing to revoke her real estate license. Why does it take so long for these people to be convicted of such horrible crimes and why don’t they get longer sentences? By the time they do go to prison, they’ve spent all of the money and there’s nothing left for the victims. I think tougher sentences and penalties shoud be imposed so that it serves as a deterrent to anyone else even thinking about victimizing people this way.

    • yes.. in fact she was found guilty of conspiracy too commit fraud NOV 6, 2014.. punishable by only 5 years.. for info

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