Possible Forged Deed Responsible for Woman’s Eviction in Illinois

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Media sources report that a Cook County Illinois woman may have been the victim of theft by deed but no charges have been filed against the alleged perpetrator.

Judith Ahrens, an out-of-work nurse in the spring of 2004, was facing a possible foreclosure for falling behind on the payments on her $93,000 mortgage. Todd Hansen, Rockford, Illinois native, told Ahrens he could stop the sale of her house. Hansen, who was released from prison on April 17, 2006 on an unrelated securities prosecution, appears to have filed a deed transferring the property out of Ahrens name and into that of Cronus Projects LLC. Relatives of Ahrens contend that her signature was forged on the land deed.

Hansen has a history of white-collar crimes including a 1993 theft conviction and a 1994 federal fraud charge. He began working with his father, George Hansen, in the real estate business around 1999. Several civil and criminal litigations plagued the father and son team in relation to their real estate transactions; George is currently serving a 60-year sentence for the 2004 murder of the bookkeeper of a Rockford home remodeling company.

Cronus Projects LLC searches for distressed properties where owners have fallen behind on mortgages or tax payments, negotiates a purchase and then resells the properties for a profit. Hansen appears to have assisted Cronus in obtaining five other properties in llinois. Joe Varan, the president of Cronus, was the notary public attesting to the authenticity of Ahrens signature on the land deed to her property. Varan, however, has no recollection of notarizing the document.

Authorities are strapped for resources in investigating and prosecuting mortgage fraud. Currently they focus on cases with several hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses. There may be little hope for this crime to be fully investigated or for charges to be filed.

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6 responses to Possible Forged Deed Responsible for Woman’s Eviction in Illinois

  1. I believe Ahens. A scam arts can tell a story better then anyone else.I know because my deed was transfer into another persons name, and all was involve backed him up. I was given the ruin around by my DA and Attorney General of my county. They could not help me. I was told to get a lawyer. Most lawyers do not want the case, or charged to much. I found a lawyer after calling more then 30 lawyers. I have all the evidence, even a letter from a hand righting Examiner. The Bank new all the tricks in court, to play the judge and the court rules. If it is not pass the statue of limitation find out how to sue. Do not sue for the house, because there last trick is a summary judgment for Equitable subrogation and the judge will rule over wrongful act. A forged deed is not valet. Find out all how was involved.. I and a lot of people can help you.

  2. Well – To bad no one bothered to ask me about this, the details are that Ahrens was going to lose her home the next morning at a foreclosure sale, I showed up at he door with intention to purchase the home but also told Ahrens and her family member that she would do herself a favor and file a bankruptcy to save the sale, she declined, she insisted that she had big settlement coming in and if I could find someone that she would sell them the home if she had an option to repurchase it within 30 -60 days, I had reprentative from Cronus with me ( not Joe Varan) that confirmed such.
    After all if everyone was so concerned they should have stopped her sale of the property, that was a judges job, they had 3 shots to stop the sale but I guess they all so it as a legal process that no one done anything wrong,

  3. Dear John,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. It is the banks who exploit the consumer. Most foreclosures are NOT the fault of the person buying the foreclosed property. Obviously it appears that Mr Hansen was acting improperly but to hold Cronus responsible for the mortgage holder to default is inappropriate.

  4. Dear Matt, I heard that some people tape evictions to make sure no one lies and said something illegal happened. Some people get sorta mad when someone takes their home even though they are the ones who stopped paying their payments. Go figure. In my opinion, it is the banks that lend money to people who can’t afford it who are the “sick and twisted” individuals (ok, corporations …)

  5. Joe Varan is the biggest fraud!! Do not trust this man. He is a sick and twisted individual who video tapes evictions.

  6. Matthew Lawrence June 22, 2007 at 1:37 am

    I do not believe someone would do this! Some people deserve better and are trying to re-establish their lives, and then something like this happens. It just shouldn’t, period.

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