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Naum Morgovsky was named in a criminal complaint filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California on August 24, 2016, alleging that he committed bank fraud in violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 1344.

The Affidavit in Support of the Criminal Complaint alleges that, in 2009 and 2010, Morgovsky used the name Gary Piper as a straw purchaser in the short sale of two condominiums in Hawaii for the benefit of his associate Mark Migdal who owned the properties and owed money on mortgages. Gary Piper died in 1969 at the age of 16.  Morgovsky transacted business, obtained false identification and opened bank accounts in the name of Gary Piper.

The Affidavit further alleges that, after the sale of the properties to Morgovsky, they remained under the control of Migdal,  For intstance, Midghal continued to collect the rent on the properties and transferred money to the Gary Piper account each month preceding the payment of Homeowner’s Association payments on the condominiums.  In 2016, Morgovsky transferred the properties to Migdal’s wife, using her maiden name.  The escrow instructions in one transaction stated “There will be no funds exchanged between the parties in connection with this escrow transaction.  Said consideration amount will be reimbursed to the buyer in full satisfaction of an unsecured note between the parties.”  The escrow instructions in the other transaction stated “Property is sold at the same price as it was purchased to seller a prom note.”    Four months later, Migdal’s wife transferred the properties to the Migdal family trust.

The conduct underlying the complaint was discovered by the SA during the investigation of Morgovsky and his wife for the unlawful export of night vision equipment that is controlled for export pursuant to the United States Munitions List and Commerce Control LiIst.

Morgovsky’s arraignment is scheduled for September 19, 2016.

Jennifer McTigue, 48, Honolulu, Hawaii pled guilty to conspiring to commit wire fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering, as well as committing wire fraud, mail fraud and money laundering. McTigue pled guilty in federal district court before Senior District Judge Consuelo B. Marshall a day after jury selection for her trial was to have commenced.

In connection with her guilty plea, McTigue, who is representing herself and identifies herself as a “private non-citizen American national” stated:

“I feel I must take responsibility for people being damaged and that’s why I’m here today to plead guilty.”

Documents filed by McTigue in the court case had caused the Judge to order that she undergo a competency evaluation.

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Trial delayed for fraud suspect

The trial for a woman who was allegedly involved in a $3 million real estate scheme is on hold after the judge halted proceedings for the day Monday.

Jennifer Ann McTigue is accused of defrauding new homeowners, title companies and banks in a complex investment scheme.

The Homeowner Legal Assistance Association (HLAA), a Florida corporation, has allegedly misled hundreds of distressed homeowners facing foreclosure in Hawaii by a loan modification program operated by HLAA for approximately 17 months in 2009 and 2010.

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The public is being warned about an email scam from someone posing as a real estate agent.

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Jennifer McTigue, 46, and Sakara Blackwell, a/k/a: Dawn Sakaguchi, 38, both of Honolulu, Hawaii, were arraigned in United States District Court after a federal grand jury returned a forty-five (45) count indictment against them and Marc Melton, 43, for fraud, money laundering and other offenses relating to a debt elimination scheme to defraud lending institutions, buyers of real property and escrow companies through a process of filing fraudulent mortgage release documents with the Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances.

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Michelle Malufau, 47, Laie, Oahu, was found guilty by a federal jury of bankruptcy fraud related to the Chapter 7 bankruptcy that she filed in 2011.

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Stephen Elmer Callo, Oahu, Hawaii, has been sentenced by U.S. District Chief Judge Susan Oki Mollway for his role in the largest Hawaiian mortgage fraud conspiracy involving wire fraud and loan application misrepresentations.

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George Lindell, 65, and Holly Hoaeae, 39, Honolulu, Hawaii, are the subjects of a 17-count indictment for allegedly operating a pyramid or Ponzi scheme between January 2005 and November 2010.

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Estrellita “Esther” Garo Miguel, 62, Honolulu, Hawaii, a mortgage broker who operated the business Easy Mortgage, was sentenced to 52 months’ imprisonment by Chief United States District Judge Susan Oki Mollway for her operation of a mortgage fraud and money laundering scheme.

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