Texas Man Pleads Guilty After Failing to Report Wife’s Fraud Scheme

Allison Tussey —  July 10, 2006 — 121 Comments

Clyde Parrish, 56, Athens, Texas pled guilty to one count of misprision of a felony in the federal court for the Eastern District of Texas.

According to information presented in court, Parrish’s wife, Julia Parrish, had devised a scheme to defraud investors by encouraging them to invest in real estate in Ireland that Julia Parrish claimed to own, but did not. As a result, she pled guilty to wire fraud and was sentenced to 27 months imprisonment on October 12, 2005. Although Mr. Parrish was aware of his wife’s scheme, he provided false information when interviewed by the FBI on July 14, 2004, concerning his wife’s scheme, and thereafter failed to notify authorities that his wife was committing fraud.

Parrish faces a sentence of imprisonment up to three years and a fine up to $250,000. A sentencing date has not been set.

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121 responses to Texas Man Pleads Guilty After Failing to Report Wife’s Fraud Scheme

  1. you may or may not be interested to know, that julia parrish has just currently left carrickfergus, co.antrim, n.ireland. fbi and psni are still looking for her. she has just committed bigamy with a male friend of mine and pretended she was pregnant and still frauding male partners of their money.

  2. Julia Parrish or Julia Holmes or Dr J J Watson as she calls herself now is living in Ballynahinch and still trying to swindle people.

  3. Another Victim July 22, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    This woman as I know her is Julia Watson is running about Carryduff now. Watch out all you suspecting men!

  4. I read the message left about ballynahinch and when I looked at who left those two messages it is MAry Martin if you care to look her up you will find the info on how she and her husband conned her mother in law out of her home. I have known julia a long time and know what this woman has done to her. So if you want to believe her lies then look up mary martin belfast telegraph or the spotlight program then decide if you would believe anything she said. I know Julia tried to be a friend to her and got stabbed in the back

  5. blast from the past November 2, 2010 at 4:37 pm


    Mary may have made a mistake once, however, Julia has been conning people for ALMOST 40 YEARS. Julia started off by conning her father and progressed over the years to conn everyone she meets especially people who befriend her.

    There are a lot of people who have been conned by her with out knowing – and still don’t know to this day

  6. You are so wrong but then you are relaated to mary and she has always had money problems I met mary and know what she is like as for Julias dad I knew him to. So you could not be more wrong about that situation. Still Mary did make several mistakes and the latest one was trying to involve julia in what she was doing her dirty laundry is fixinf to come out anyway so no need ofr me to dispaly it.

  7. blast from the past November 9, 2010 at 11:53 am


    I just want to tell you that I am in no way connected with Mary Martin.

    Do the names Crothers from Douglas Street, the Thompsons from the Albert Bridge Road, the Holmes from Malcolm Lane or the McKittricks mean any thing to you ??

    You claim you knew Julia’s father, however, I don’t remember meeting you at his funeral all those years ago.

    How long have you known Julia for ?
    Before she stayed in Armagh for a while ??

    As you claim to know so well find out where she got her Phd from. Was it in the roundabout ??

    Finally Martine. related only has one ‘a’ in it and its display not ‘dispaly’ as you typed.

    Hopefully this should draw some closure on the matter of who knows Julia and who the REAL Julia is. Or must I continue ?

    As for Mary she only made one mistake. As for you. Sorry I meant to say Julia, she has made a life time of them.

  8. I read with interest your comments and have nothing against someone i do not even know. You are right there have been a lot of mistakes in julias past but i think if you could hear what i have heard via recordings of what mary has siad and her family you would not say she has only made one mistake. I have known julia since school and her daddys funeral was poorly attended with good reason. We will agree to differ and I hope you find something good to say about everyone. good luck

  9. blast from the past November 17, 2010 at 12:45 pm


    Hello again

    I found your comments disappointing. The Julia that I know would have something better to say than that.
    You were somewhat dismissive in everything that i had previously written.
    Perhaps you may be aware by now that im not going to give up on you. Like a bad penny i will keep turning up.
    Mary is not the issue. YOU ARE.
    Julia you moved from Carrick,Cork, Strabane, Sion Mills, not forgetting H.M.P, Saintfield and then Ballynahinch….you’ve had more addresses than the post office of late. Now since you’re near the big 60,
    don’t you think its about time you settled down ?
    Even if you’re not Julia i know she will be reading this.
    Julia one last thing don’t leave it so long to reply this time.
    Ok thats me for now. places to go things to do and people to see you know how it is.

    p.s you spelt ‘said’ wrong

  10. Julia as you know its me “Mary” the latest victim of your ploys. After reading the comments below from somebody who obviously knows the true you I feel it is only right that I make a comment. The mistake I made was trusting you and giving you a home and my bed for 4 months which was against my family’s wishes, but I thought everybody deserves a second chance. All you have done is taken advantage of me and all of my family including my parents. We were never short of money until you came into our home and spun all the stories that you did and used my children in the process (how low can you go). How you can live with your own conscious is beyond me, but then I actually think you believe your own lies! The truth will come out Julia and I’m only too pleased to see that one of your many skeletons from your past has come out from the cupboard. Now please leave me and my family alone. You have done nothing but cause sorrow and grief since you came to Saintfield, you are even well known in Saintfield for your antics in the short period of time that you were there. Yes I did make a mistake in the past but the biggest and second mistake I have ever made in my life was letting you into my home and my family’s life. I wish I had listened to them in the first place. I only wish that more of your skeletons would appear and then people would know what you’re truly like. Somebody recently told me that you were good at what you do but Julia you are really good at what you do, you missed your calling as an actress! I hope and pray dearly that I never hear your name(s) again in my life. My children have been through enough pain and despair in their wee short lives without you adding to it! If you have a conscious at all you will do what is right for them! I shall not be responding to any other comments relating to me on this page as it is actually all about you.

  11. i agree with the person with all those delightfull names that jule or jules uses, i can say a few,they are common like her, saggey boobs, needs a face lift, thinksssssssss she good at, what they they call it when a sow does it???everything issss false about …whats her, name????? watch ur back.
    they coming for uuuu And i sitting here with a big smile on my face……sooo jules. julie, see u around till we meet again.

  12. Still at ur work Jules!!! Just hope that last comment isnt made by the latest victim… too nice a man to have that blow dealt to but then u dont care whose life u bust up! We are all sitting waiting with a big smile on r faces waiting on the D day!!

  13. blast from the past December 31, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    People people people.
    I really feel sorry for everyone who have been taken on by this lady of leisure.
    Did you not read the comments that i left above regarding julia.


    There’s only one person out there who has managed to see through this wicked lady.
    To all you other future victims WAKE AND SMELL THE COFFEE

  14. Hi Blast from the past, I am the latest victim of this saggy faced lady of leisure. I was hoping if you could tell me abit more about Jules, Julia, Celia as she has just conned me and left me in debt.

  15. blast from the past December 31, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    Latest Victim

    I hope no matter how embarrasing your circumstances are, you have had the strength to go to the relevant autorities. Because this time when, and i mean when she is caught she will be going down for a minimum sentence of five years.

    Well Mary. I know you said you weren’t going to post again on this site. However, i’m sure you’re watching with great interest as is Julia. The net is closing in and Julia’s time is virtually up ! and Mary like others you will be very very pleased

  16. I think we are all watching with interest!! Where is this Julia person living now???? I hope you are not in too much debt unless she has told u about her fortune from american…. so laughable!!!!! She has more faces than the albert clock and bigger balls of steel than anything!! This conversation could go on n on… so much to hear and tell!!

  17. I think we are all watching with interest!! Where is this Julia person living now???? I hope you are not in too much debt altho she has prob told u about her so called fortune from american….download the plea agreement!! however u do need to go to the authorites.. she gets away with it for ppl dont report it!!!!! She has more faces than the albert clock and bigger balls of steel than anything!! Blast from the past you must have some good & interesting stories to tell!! This conversation could go on n on… so much to hear and tell!! The D DAY is COMING!!!!!!

  18. blast from the past January 3, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    People people people

    Its not very nice to criticise our lady of leisure’s body. After all when a woman gets to almost 60 things naturally start to droop. So for heaven’s sake please STOP pointing out the obvious

  19. blast from the past January 3, 2011 at 4:21 pm


  20. She shounds like a real catch. Where can i find her? Any names/numbers I can use?

  21. I searched through my collection of smileys but could not find any with saggy boobs. Will this do ((,)(,)).

    She sounds strangly luring, like a cold war spy (but obviously older and as we have accertained with somewhat lacking lustre breasts). That said, I could be bond to her Pussy Galore.

    At the very least she could blag me a bogus mortgage. It could’nt be any worse than the Northern Banks offerings. Probably less dodgy.

  22. another interested guy January 6, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    You seem strangely attracted to the idea of saggy boobs. Interesting. Sounds like they’d cost you a lot even if you could find her now.

  23. blast from the past January 22, 2011 at 11:06 am

    Daily MIRROR MIRROR on the wall. Who is the most WANTED of them all ?


  25. Blast from the past…. that is soooo funny!! Excellent!!!! Theyre coming to get you glamorous GRANNY!!! lol

  26. So nice to hear of you again Julia. We last connected over 20 years ago… You remember Phoenix? When we last spoke, I told you I wouldn’t forget. Your take from me was not significant but we dug up many other folks you conned out of a great deal of cash. Then of course, you bolted. Imagine my surprise (many years later) to find your name in the newspaper’s local events calendar in my new community… Small world! I did a little digging, then simply watched and waited. In time, I learned more. I made sure the good Doctor in Athens TX heard a story he had no trouble understanding or believing. At that time he was already suspicious but in denial. The tale of your exploits in Phoenix convinced him his concerns were well founded. I would like to know more because it’s obvious from this blog you aren’t through… Neither am I. You’ve been deported from the U.S. and now it sounds like your running out of options. I’m sure that in time you’ll be back in prison on the taxpayers dollar…Anyone who can shed light on your dark past and current antics would be doing a service for all.

  27. any1 any photos of julz? as i think i know of her and im another victim

  28. Sorry to hear that! How did she do u??? Check out Daily Mirror page 15 from last Friday 21/1. BIG photo!

  29. Another person conned out of money been reading up about her for the last two days how has she got away with it for so long! when she was sentence in 2008 for the 1m salon fraud charge relating to a salon in sion mills and defrauding businesses out if money how long did she get obviously not long enough when she moves to another town and does it again.
    does anybody know were she is now are where she was last seen .
    unbelieveable i hope she is caught soon

    i cant find the article or picture in the daily mirror so if somebody has a link to it please send me it thanks

  30. just like to comment on that headcase DR Julia or whoever she may be today, I know she swindled a lot of money out of people in the carrickfergus/newtownabbey/Larne area, while trying to befriend shopowners with her tails of woe ie: her poor dog that was on a life support machine in the states, her scan picture of her fake pregnancy printed of the internet, along with many other far fetched stories. i hope she gets caught soon planning on taking a few weeks of for the trial should make a good entertainment lets hope its soon b4 she gets her wicked claws into more people. THE BITCH

  31. Dr Juls/Celia Watson/Holmes/whatever was last seen in Ards after being caught out in carryduff and doing a runner! Yet more victims personal and buinesses! she really is a piece of work!!

  32. there needs to be more publicity about her the papers radio anything she nedds caught

  33. There really should be ! i thiught there might be more follow up done in the papers after the first article was put in!!

    I was very lucky as ihad no money for her to take but things could have been very different!!

    Km if you want a photo email me!

  34. To all interested parties,
    Be under no illusions about the capabilities of this woman. I say this as a word to the wise, dont believe a word that leaves this woman’s lips! I give this advice because there seems to be a few amongst you that holds a certain degree of sympathy for her, although i like others believe that those people are one and the same ie. JULIA!
    So MOTHER(CELIA,YOUR REAL NAME AS YOU WELL KNOW), and yes this is your son who you abandoned and left with a black eye when I was six months old.
    I along with the rest of the family you deceived, swindled and stole from have followed your career with great interest. This was particulary beneficial when i received a letter from the salvation army who you also conned, claiming that you had contacted them via solicitor, stating that you had returned to the province from the States as a successful businesswoman wanting to re-establish links with your long lost son. What horse shit, we all know you were in Hydebank and needed a bail address after your latest escapade. A bit of advice, if you ever try to interfere in my life or the lives of my family, i will hunt you down and hand you over to the relevant authorities. To be perfectly clear NEVER TRY TO CONTACT ME AGAIN. YOU ARE A COMPLETE WASTE OF SPACE AND A DECEITFUL BITCH WHO PUTS THE DEVIL TO SHAME!
    Anyone who can forward a recent picture of this trash, so that myself and my family can be on the lookout would be greatly appreciated!

  35. I can not believe this woman is still roaming around. I knew a victim of this woman and I heard her last appearance was Newtownards. She told us her son was in New Zealand amongst other lies of step-daughters/grandchildren/wealth from America etc. Who knows the really story? Anyway she must have someone helping her hide and supporting her? Is there no way for the police to track her bank account usage/benefit collection etc? Surely she is living by some means? the police seem pretty useless and this woman seriously needs put away for a very long time!

  36. i doubt she has a bank A/C of her own she uses the A/Cs of the poor men that she bleeds dry filling them full of lies shes a doctor shes pregnant she has money coming from america she needs put behind bars and yes the police dont seem to b able to catch her some1 must know where the fu**er is and if not then why do more people not be told about her, her face should be on the front of the belfast telegraph.is there nothing that can be done to catch her

  37. this woman rushes to get.the post first..she shops nails. beauty a most…hair dye. but denies this…her comfort zone…..a man older …children older.. not with him…
    looking for love …as in……ths is my last go at it…..
    we must look for this woman… she has no friends ,only the people u introduce
    her to..she probably a brunette…cant go blonde..too dark…unless needs a hairdresser!!!!she probably got next victim…. before she left last one….
    police are lazyyyyyyy…we need help from good people of n.ireland…this …”person” needs locked away…she WILL ..con again.

  38. I understand a photo of of her was in the Mirror on 1-21-2011. Can anyone send me a photo? I have a list of victims and a genuine intrest in seeing her stopped…I guess I’m not alone. To my knowlege her exploits in Phoenix AZ were unknown at the time of her trial, sentence and deportaion. After She and her Husband swindled me, I enlisted the help of a Private Investigator. I learned she had been an active con artist for many years. That was in 1987. I will watch this blog with interest and try to keep the pressure on. She has brought pain to the lives of too many.

  39. i have a photo i can send you , julias fraud goes back as far as 1972 google (bogus investment scheme texan jailed belfast telegraph)

  40. I haven’t heard a thing on the news are in the papers since the 21/01/2011 obviously she hasnitbeen caught yet has anybody else heard anything the police have no clue

  41. contact the papers the more info they get the more interested they become

  42. can anyone help me with more of the stories that this woman has spun about me? Son in New Zealand etc.? Really concerned that she’s used my name to achieve her ill gotten gains! She also claimed to have pictures of my daughters and I? would anyone have kept copies of these or e-mail content supposedly from me that you could forward? Myself and my family would really appreciate it! So looking forward to seeing you again mother, IN COURT!!!!!

  43. Here Here!!! The D day will come and we will all be in court to see her be taken down! She is a nobody! She has no life! Deserves everything and more!!! She is scum!!!!!!!!!

  44. blast from the past February 9, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    To all you moaners out there. (most of whom appear to be men)

    She led you right up the garden path

    There is no such thing as a free dinner

    and now you are complaining because she took you on and you have been caught out

    I’m by no means defending the glam gran but i bet you weren’t complaining when she was on her back.

    Looks like a severe case of bollocks over brains lads.

    Bite the bullet, Get over it and move on !
    Just put it down to experience

  45. blast from the past.. i dont think u atually relise the hurt this women has caused ur therory of put it down to experiance seems abit far fetch to me.. this women has not only took peoples money but wreck lives used children as her gate way to peoples heart, spun some of the biggest bull**** i have ever heard some1 with the gut to make so many lies and live by them needs locked up and people like u telling people to just “forget” about it is the reason this bitch isnt rotten in jail now if every single person reported each case of her the police would relilse how mad this women is and they could keep a closer eye on wer she is working.. there for EVERYONE should NOT forget it but report it regardless of how much or how little u have been been coned out of!!!!!!!!!!! not shy away and let this monster destroy more families and more dreams people work hard for there money, take years to build a business, sacrafice so much for sucess then sum1 like this bitch comes along and destroys it all with ease on her behalf… its disgusting shes not takin a feww ££ of ppl shes into millions of pounds so no dont put it down to experiance thats the dumest thing i have ever heard!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Blast from the past, You seem to have changed your tune? What you have said completely contradicts your previous postings! anyone who claims to know her so well would surely appreciate the pain this woman has caused both on a personal and financial level. I for one find your comments deeply offensive.

  47. exactly as i was thinking lucky escape at the start u qouted blast from the past “I hope no matter how embarrasing your circumstances are, you have had the strength to go to the relevant autorities. Because this time when, and i mean when she is caught she will be going down for a minimum sentence of five years” so wat exactly has changed your opinion all of a sudden?? if these men had her “on her back” just shows she really has no dignity and are u implying that these men are not victims because theyve had a sexual incounter with her??? im intregged by your onlook of this mess. and frankly that last comment would upset alot of the people following this.these guys didnt intend on paying for her they were simply coned like us all!!!!

  48. fortunately she’s never managed to cause me any financial loss, that I know of least! I have to live with the unfortunate fact that she’s the mother who walked out 39 years ago, stole from my grandmother who raised me and deceived everyone around her! shame enough and reason enough to want to see the theiving deceitful bitch locked up! But hey, maybe I should just put it all down to experience blast from the past?

  49. blast from the past, oo myyy,in some respects u are probably right, but this woman is nothng more than a tart,she steals money from people she gets involved with, wthout their knowledge, she steals from business,maybe the victims are to trusting, but that is their only crime, she on other hand plans everything, and should be jailed, with the keys thrown away,remember that from the moment she opens her mouth to u, its all lies, this person is nothing more than a lier and an oldddd tart.

  50. blast from the past May 21, 2011 at 11:03 am

    julia, Celia, Jules, Watson, McKitterick, Holmes or ever your latest name is ……its been too long, too quiet. Whats happening ??? anyone know ?
    Is she spinning a web around her latest victim ? just like a black widdow. Is she getting ready to pounce on some poor victim, and i don’t mean poor in money terms. However, the poor person will be considerably poorer by the time she has finished with them. Does any one know where the black widdow’s web is ?
    For the unsuspecting male who has been trapped by the black widdow, when ever the black widdow has finished with the victim she casts aside his carcass and and move on to shadows and wait for her next prey to come by.

    Why did you not keep your last appointment in Downpatrick ? the reason you didn’t turn up was because you were too busy with your fangs in another poor soul.

    People you have been warned.

  51. another victim May 21, 2011 at 11:35 am

    why was she due in downpatrick do you mean at the court?
    she has not been seen or i have not heard anything in the papers or news suprise suprise?

  52. blast from the past May 23, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    Downpatrick tagged court need i say any more. no suprises. she failed to show, must have got lost on the way.

  53. Come on blast from the past who are you and why are you so reluctant to contact me privately? You claim to know so much and offer to tell anyone who wants to know all of the info you claim to have except me? Is there a reason why you avoid me? Is it all a bit to close for comfort? Come on, surely you can do better than recalling some random event whilst walking down a street?

  54. BLAST FROM THE PAST August 27, 2011 at 9:38 am

    Im assuming that the last message came from Paul. If I want to contact you, I know where to get hold of you.

    Any one remember when Julia Celia Jules or what ever she calls herself lived next door to the Strand town police station ? I think the land lady is still looking for her.
    Once she took up residence in Craigavon with a paramilitary sympathiser who she met when living in Armagh.
    Paul is your father still practicing ? or has he retired out of the medical profession ?
    I wonder where she is now. Surely if someone actually put their mind to it she would be caught…..she can’t be that far away

    Still waiting, still listening, still hoping for her to resurface soon and most likely in the hands of a law man.

  55. I have been following this blog for sometime now and like many others I had a family memeber who was taken in by this woman. Lucky escape I really feel for you and unfortunately due to the nature of this womans actions and the shame suffered by the victims, and I don’t feel you will get much info here. However I did read as I am sure you did as well, there is a gentleman from the US who put a private investigator on her, I would say he would be your best bet. Blast from the past, I have no idea what your game is, but why hand out tit bits of information, but never give any straight answers yourself? Lucky escape I would avoid this person as they are behaving very strangely, and one thing the police did say to our family was that she probably had an accompliance, good luck to all who are looking for this woman.

  56. BLAST FROM THE PAST August 29, 2011 at 1:29 pm


    I sincerely hope that you are not insinuating i an accompliance of the so called glamourous granny. Futher more i would appreciate you desist commenting on a subject that you no little about. As for me leaving ‘titbits’ at least i’m bringing something noteworthy to the table. Why don’t you tell us anything ? Who was the investigator ? Sounds awfully like the kettle calling the pot black to me.

    Lastly. Julia, Celia, Dr. Watson, Dr. Holmes or what ever you are calling yourself now. If you are reading this message, which i am sure you are, pay close atterntion to this blog because there is plenty more yet to come.

  57. Blast from the past I have stated how I know this woman I can not give details as it as part of an ongoing police investigation. As of yet you have never stated how you know her or any other details, just random comments/statements which as you say bring “very little to the table”. Many others also have seen this as I noticed reading down through the comments your statements have attracted similar comments from lucky escape and others. As I have stated before I understand people’s embarrassment about this whole situation but surely a straightforward and clear dialogue is necessary, as let’s face it the revelant authorities seem to be at a dead end, really what else can be done, bar setting up a facebook page, which I’m told I can not do for legal reasons?!! , So blast from the past you have no business telling anybody what apparently they no nothing about.

  58. another of the victims August 29, 2011 at 8:31 pm

    u asshole blast from the past u come on this blog with rather random and vague comments about how well u actually know the witch and then when ur questioned about ur identity u clam up for a while then come back attacking the victims with ur crap, and you seem to forget something very important this blog is about JULIA not her family or her son so whatever u may know kindly keep to urself! ASSHOLE

  59. BLAST FROM THE PAST August 30, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    Dear another of the victims

    Asshole ??? a little harsh dont you think ? You dont even know me. Perhaps might i suggest a few sessions of anger management to get your temper under control.

    Surely You must be the asshole for falling for the wicked witches charms !

  60. BLAST FROM THE PAST September 2, 2011 at 10:45 am

    I was just thinking last night to myself that although you call yourself another victim i don’t think you are all what you say.

    Infact i believe that you are Julia or Celia, Jules, Dr. JJ Watson, Dr J Hunter.

    Julia stop playing games. Come out, come out where ever you are

  61. Me! Wise up blast from the past it’s u who knows all about her and her most recent events and court dates it is more likely you! And 1 last thing I don’t need anger management I stand by wot I said u r an asshole!

  62. BLAST FROM THE PAST September 14, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    Dear Julia

    Calm yourself down. Sit back and relax, take a deep breath. I really do think you should take a course in anger management. There is no need for such negativity and foul language.

    They’re coming to get you. There is nothing you can do now. So just relax and stay put.

    BTW Celia I was talking to an old friend of yours yesterday and this person knows more about you than even I do. If they decide to post a few stories here, you’ll need more than a course of anger management to stop you from swearing !

    Bye for now

  63. BFTP from what I have gathered from this blog you have not been directly affected by this woman? You know her from the past and have been following her criminal progress over the years? Am I correct? Well if that is the case, this to you is at best a weird sort of hobby?! Some of the people here (most I’m guessing) have lost money, reputation, businesses and family over this woman and her actions, so yes people are angry. Your may think your random statements are clever and funny but this blog is some peoples only access to information/shared stories. If it is your intention to attempt to wind her up by all means continue I doubt she is reading this and is probably off sunning herself with her ill gotten gains, but leave the rest of us victims to try and piece together at least some information. Finally someone being angry is no indication that it’s her in fact it’s your weird comments that look much more suspicious. This is a strange hobby BFTP I’m more inclined to believe you are a past victim just like the rest of us if not then maybe you are her who knows I care even less. To all genuine victims let’s hope we here some news soon

  64. OMG for some reason today i decided to look up this bitchs name she nearly ruined my life, None of ye seem to know about all the scams she pulled in the Cork, Limerick area, when she pulled off her last runner, Ive still got things belonged to her lots of photos, have lots an lots lots of stories, know all about the man she “married” up north in the time I knew her she was pregnant at least four times and tried to break up two marraiges, she has ripped off clothes shop, furniture stores you name it she has done it, OMG lucky escape if you really are Paul her son, the stories I have about you, before she did her last runner you had just buried Clyde after her commiting suicide, with your two stepsisters and Children and you had your wife going to a hospital mental issues appar and going for sole custody of the kids. I even got a bunch of flowers and a present from you for taking such good care of your “mum”. got the whole NZ story thing.

  65. Oh and Julia if you are following this “Sister” bring it on… cause your days are numbered you, i am waiting for your day in court!!!

  66. BLAST FROM THE PAST October 11, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    Well it was only a matter of time before she blotted her copy book again. I just hope she hasn’t conned any money out of her latest victim. Now it appears she is in the ROI surely the PSNI and the guards can work together and get this glamourous granny caught

  67. unfortunatly she has done a number on alot of people, she is in ROI for at least 5 years with a few trips up north she has been at the dog track in Strabane and the last time i spotted her was only back in may, didnt know about PSNI till today, when i came across an article saying they wer looking for her after missing two court dates in January of this year!! oh and on her appar life coaching Peter Stringer and the Munster Rugby team. LoL.

  68. Blast from the Past. November 22, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    more to come

  69. BLAST FROM THE PAST November 22, 2011 at 5:05 pm


    It appears there has been a prob with this website for a while so no one has been posting on it until now. Could you give me an update or any further info regarding our friend.

  70. BLAST FROM THE PAST November 23, 2011 at 10:30 am


    I hear your body double has been spotted in Limerick. Obviously its not you !

  71. give er head peace November 29, 2011 at 10:57 am


    Leave Julia alone. Everyone is entitled to make a few mistakes in their lifetime and i’m sure you have made many in yours.
    Over the years she has had a rough time with cheating husbands and the illness, you have twisted the truth and made her out to be a bad person. Shame on you. This poor woman is suicidal. STOP this nonsense.

  72. Only just realised the blog is still active! For some reason There were no alerts!!! Blast from the past your a complete twat! I’ve called you out and as usual you vanish back under the rock you keep crawling out from underneath of! Is my Father still in the medical profession??? What Bollocks!! I know were you are if I want to get in touch??? So do it you spineless bastard!!! for the record: I’ve never lived in New Zealand, i have no step sisters, I am happily married, My wife is not a nutcase although ironically she is studying psychology!, I haven’t seen this hateful bitch in well over 30 years and nor do I wish to! She knows nothing about me so when she mentions Paul she knows F all!!!! Just disappear and die you hateful cow so all of the people you’ve hurt can move on!

  73. By the way meant to say Blast From The Past(Celia)you were given the opportunity to contact me privately because you claimed to be able to tell me so much? Why decline? We all know who you really are!! Grow a set and make it public knowledge if you really know so much because I, unlike you, have nothing to hide!

  74. The only illness that woman has is being a liar and a cheat!!!!! If she is suicidal, let her get on with it!!!! What goes around comes around! Shes the devil in disguise and she will rot in hell for what she has done to people!!! Any friend of hers standing by her deserves to be with her!!! By the way Julia your plan to leave a certain somebody all the hurt & pain didnt work!!!! She had family to back her unlike you!!!!!!!!

  75. BLAST FROM THE PAST November 30, 2011 at 4:25 pm


    Im now aiming this directly at you so that you are no further misunderstood and and so that you can no further misrepresent my previous postings.

    It was your mother who told me that your father was a doctor
    It was your mother who told me you lived in New Zealand and it was your mother who has been telling other people these same stories. You have misunderstood me. I am not trying to cause you further grief, I am not suggesting for one minute that you or your immediate family have any underlying medical issues. Furthermore, I have not stated at any point that you have.
    Paul I met your father several times. He is a decent man. And no I am not your mother.

  76. Blast from the past I am directing this to you.

    First: Read over your previous posts, your really not that intelligent are you?

    Second: You say my so called Mother (you I suspect) told you all of these things? You fail to mention that until now tho????

    Third: You claim my Mother told you my Father was a Doctor? Then you claim you met him several times?? Surely if this was so you would no he is no Doctor!

    Fourth: You claim he is a nice man?? He’s the same kind of shit (as her/you) with a different smell!

    Fifth: Who are you then? if your not Celia then who? Why do you keep on with your constant stream of inane drivel?

    Sixth: You never seem to accept my offer of a private conversation but claim to be able to tell me so much?

    Are we starting to see the pattern here? “Cat and Mouse”, Catch me if you can”, Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”? Just piss off, I along with everyone else on this blog am completely fed up with your titbits of useless reminiscing. Face up and show yourself or F##K OFF!!!!

  77. BLAST FROM THE PAST December 2, 2011 at 3:25 pm


    How disappointed i am in your use of the foul language. There is no need. Its not big nor is it clever. You weren’t brought up that way to use it either. I am very disappointed in the way you talk about your father. As i said to you on the occassions that i met him, he was always both friendly and polite to me. One other thing i forgot to mention to you is I fed you several times when you were a baby. So please show a little respect and if you continue to use the foul and abusive language i may not reply to your next posting.

  78. Blast from the past (Celia), who are you to lecture me? I’ll use whatever language I deem appropriate and in your case the language i’ve chosen is more than appropriate! How the hell would you know how I was brought up? You pissed off and swindled all around you when I was a baby and all you ever fed anyone was bullshit! As for being “disappointed”?????????? If anyone is “disappointed” it’s me!! Given that I was unfortunate enough to have both of you as parents!!! ” not big nor clever”??? Show yourself and you will realise just how BIG & CLEVER I can be!! But you won’t tho will you?? Because you know exactly what will happen don’t you? Neither of you are fit to be parents and the sad thing is you are using this blog as a means of some sort of sick contact with me. You see some form of contact, albeit negative, as being better than nothing!! For that very reason I won’t be posting on or reading this blog again, I refuse to give you the satisfaction. Know this tho Celia. Your getting older and sooner or later you will find yourself on your death bed as we all inevitably do. That’s when it will hit you, when you have no one to be by your side. You will die knowing your dispised by everyone and not even the good lord will listen to your confession. Your funeral will be a formality, a state cheap coffin with 2 men and a JCB. No friends, no family, no flowers, no fond rememberance, NOTHING! Quite fitting don’t you think? I strongly advise that any genuine people on this blog ignore this bitch! Trust me, she’s using it to gleen info as to whether or not people know where she is and what she’s up to! What else has she got? Never states who they are?, Never states how they know so much? refuses to answer questions?, when things go quite she posts to generate interest? Please don’t give her the satisfaction because the relevant authorities are getting closer! Apologies to all genuine victims on this blog. I wish you all nothing but the best and it’s only a matter of time before this deceitful bitch is caught!

  79. Hear, Hear Paul, we’re all behind you.

  80. Sounds like the Celia I knew and loathed!! Has your son, his wife and children benefited from the millions you have enjoyed over the years? Maybe he will get a Christmas card with back dated payments lol!! Paul keep your chin up sooner or later she will get caught! You are a much stronger man than she realises!!

  81. Dear Give er head peace

    Does the word bigamy mean anything to you??
    Have you ever stopped to consider the hurt and pain she has caused people least of all her son!!
    You wont find anyone else on here (apart from Blast from the past) ironically enough that has any sympathy for her but then i suspect you are one and the same!!

  82. getting close

  83. In time for Christmas dinner at Hydebank Hotel! We all hope

  84. BLAST FROM THE PAST December 6, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    Isn’t it about time that someone contacted all the local and national papers in both the north and south and got this womans picture printed ?

    I know that this has been done in the Mirror but to no sucess. Anyone think about BBC Crimewatch ?? Getting her mug on the tv would make her panic.

    The PSNI and the guards should work together to get her caught.
    There are more men who have been conned out there who have never come forward through fear of their wives finding out. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

    P.S Celia at your age when they do catch up with you, you will spend the rest of your life rotting in the comfort of HMP.

  85. Blast From The Past:

    Who are you? I have recently joined this forum and I like many others have noticed that you intentionally dodge questions? Why? Who are you? How are you linked to this horrible woman? I suspect like many others you are Julia or you are closer to her than you care to admit! What have you got to loose by stating what your role in this mess is? Claiming to have fed her son when he was a baby? Are you family or what? I also think you should be avoided at all costs. Have you, like the rest of us spoken to the Police? I have to say that i’m not expecting an answer, at least not an honest one anyway!!

  86. BLAST FROM THE PAST December 7, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    Everything i have said is the truth. I have no reason to go to the police because i wasn’t stupid enough to get conned by this woman.
    You ask who am I ? who are you ??? perhaps you are Jules.
    Every answer i give has been the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god.
    Perhaps you might have something constuctive to add ??

  87. Blast From The Past.

    True to form! Never stung by her? How do you know so much about her and what she’s been up to over the years then? Bit of a strange hobby isn’t it? Is everything you claim to know not reason enough to go to the police? Noticed that you only post at certain times during the day. Limited access to the computer or do you have to wait until someone (probably your latest victim) is out? I am a VERY close relative to one of your victims, so no, I am not Jules as you say. We all know who is tho! By the way this is the proper spelling of “constructive”. Thought I should point that out as you have been quick to do so to others in previous postings! By for now CELIA JULIA MCKITTERICK! Oh! Love and Light lol!

  88. Feeling Great!! December 7, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    Concerned you dead right there!!! Her spelling was always as bad as her looks!!! She’s a loser, and roll on the day that court comes because we will all be sitting there! Also her game is to go to internet cafes and send fake emails especially pretending to be from her son Paul! Although your not as smart as some of us Julia! You thought you got rid of some family members but im like a rotwieiler, once i get my teeth into something i dont let go! Thats why my family went through hell but compared to some had a lucky escape! BFTP you are Julia, just admit it! But then again the Julia we all know and LOATH doesnt admit to anything! You talk in riddles for you speak no TRUTH!!! ROLL ON THE COURT DAY!! OMG i cant wait until we meet everyone that day!! Arent you going to feel it!!!! SHAME ON YOU FOR USING YOUR SON IN UR LIES!!!! MAY YOU ROT TO YOUR DEATH BED IN HYDEBANK!!!

  89. I havin had a chance to check this in awhile, first off “Give her head peace” are you off your trolley, yes everyone makes a few mistakes but we learn, Celia Holmes or as she was going by Julia O’Neill as I knew her deliberatily goes out to con people,its like groundhog day with her. BFTP you contradict yourself so many times, you give out to Paul for telling the truth and then you say she should be caught!! Tell us who you really are!! Yes def her picture should be in papers and i have thought about taken it but frankly i would be so mortified for people around my parish to rem me with her I think I wld never come out of my house!! Feeling great im just waiting for that day to come!

    Paul it makes me sick to my stomach the way she goes around speaking of you. I know her father is dead and she spoke of a dead brother, did she have another one and what of her mother? She told me your father was in the army? She oftem spoke of a best friend growing up and I actually think she was called Julia anyone hear them stories??

  90. Hi Aoife,

    We didn’t even know she had been at her work in the states! It wasn’t until a family member saw the article in the Belfast Telegraph that we were made aware that she was at it over there!After that we did a bit of digging and realised the FULL extent at what she had been up to!!! Beleive it or not after she was deported she started again over here and was caught over the salon fraud. She was sent to prision and needed a bail address so the deceitful bitch used her solicitor and the Salvation Army to track me down. She told them she was a wealthy business woman who had returned from America and wanted to find her long lost son!!! Needless to say they were informed of the truth and told in no uncertain terms that we wanted nothing to do with her! I’m absolutely disgusted that she has used my name, sending fake e-mails, setting up Facebook accounts and even telling people I had died of cancer when I was 13!!! She makes me physically sick! I know I had a Grandfather, when he died I don’t know? As for brothers or sisters i’m not sure, although I know she had visitors in the States whom she claimed where her Brothers!!! I also know nothing of my Grandmother. I beleive, like many others that she has partners in crime, also a very close female friend and thats who these people are. Be very careful posting on here as she uses it to gleen info to determine how close we and the Police are to finding her! You really should contact the Police and ask that your identity be kept out of any publications. Or contact Jilly Beattie at the Daily Mirror, she needs any help you can offer! She was right about my Father’s occupation but that was many moons ago although he was cut from the same cloth albeit not a thief! My Grandmother raised me as her own and I lost her to cancer when I was 13! After that I was passed around until I was 18 then basically left to it! Thankfully in the short time I had with my Grandmother I learned the value of morals!!!! Be very aware of other people who post on here, they are not who they claim to be but I guess you have figured that out!!! I won’t post again for the reasons previously stated but feel free to contact me privately if you need to. Take care.

  91. Hi Paul, I don’t know how to contact you privately??

  92. Hi Aoife,

    My e-mail address is paul.mcgookin@live.co.uk, hopefully speak soon. Also if anyone else has any info that would help catch this horrible individual I would greatly appreciate it! Blast From The Past, you have this address already so i’m not expecting a response from you. We all know why don’t we you deceitful bitch!!!

  93. BLAST FROM THE PAST December 15, 2011 at 11:56 am

    Contact Jilly Beattie at the Daily Mirror. Get her to publish Celia’s picture in the paper here, in the UK mainland and the ROI. When this happens im certain that someone will hand her in when they see her face in a publication.
    Paul, your Grandmother died in Beaconsfield nursing home now called the Marie Curie clinic in Belfast in 1970. Celia’s mother whose name i have long forgotten. Her maiden name was Holmes.
    Cecil McKettrick who raised Celia was not Celia’s father. He was a proper Gentleman who died in the mid 1970s. He suffered with a chest disorder.
    I knew your father was in the UDR. Your mother Celia told everyone that he was an NCO doctor. Until now i did not have your email address. I hope this information will be useful in your quest to what ever it is you seek.

    In relation to an earlier post by ‘Concerned’. Contrary to your belief, I am able to use my computer night or day when ever i so choose. Please stop being a twit. You’re not helping.

  94. Really? Well you have it now so I’m sure I’ll hear from you soon? That way you can tell me who you are away from the blog? I cannot fathom why you wouldn’t want me to know? Perhaps you can tell me that at least?

  95. Is there really no further information on this person? I live in the States and have provided PSNI with information and photographs on several occasions and have never received follow up.

    I also provided (fairly) recent photographs to the Mirror, but am unsure if anything came of it, or not.

    Would appreciate any updated information.

    Thank you.

  96. The last comment posted by States is Celia,Julia,Jules,trying to find out if the PSNI,or the GARDA,have any more info as to her wherabouts.I am sure someone out there is being conned at this time,why dont all the people that have been taken in by this VILE WOMAN GET TOGETHER AND MAKE THE POLICE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BORDER GET THEIR FINGER OUT AND CATCH HER ,BEFORE SOME OTHER POOR SOUL IS ROBBED BLIND AND LEFT IN DEBT AND DANGER.

  97. OMG. I am NOT that lying, thieving wretch of a woman. She made my life miserable for twenty years and I wanted to know if she had been caught yet.

    Blast From The Past is only confirming my suspicions that she is Julia.

    Anyone that would like to confirm my identity, please message me and I will happily provide you with my story.

    I hope she DOES show up here, I helped get her deported once and will be beyond thrilled to assist the government again.

  98. Does anyone have any updates on Julia? This is her former step-daughter, and I am curious as to whether she has been caught yet. I hate to think that she is still free and causing mayhem. Thanks in advance.

  99. Kim she has yet to be caught but the psni have finally upped their game and put it out on the news that they are searching for “juls” and appealing for help! the link is in the http://www.bbc.co.uk/news on the Northern ireland page, unfortunately they didnt mention hallf the things she has done to many of us as this might make people stand up and take more notice.

  100. Give her head peace – – just because she has a rough time does NOT give her the excuse to willingly and knowingly rip people off to the tune of thousands of ££££s it seems to be a compulsion she has that she needs serious help for!!The friends off mine that she has conned take no comfort in her having a”hard life” This is NOT AN EXCUSE!!!

  101. KIM – it has been on the bbc northern ireland news live and on the web over the last 2 days so maybe the psni are finally doing something about it

  102. I’ll be glad when she’s caught September 22, 2012 at 9:54 am

    I hope ur friends went to the police about her cos the more fraud charges against her the longer her sentence will be! She needs to be caught once and for all. Check out BBC News Northern Ireland, there’s a piece about her.

  103. Police appeal to trace fraud suspect Julia Holmes

    Police issued a photograph in an attempt to trace Julia Holmes
    Police have appealed for help in tracing a woman who absconded after being charged with fraud totalling £18,000.

    Julia Holmes was released on bail but was supposed to return to Downpatrick Magistrates Court in January 2011.

    A warrant was issued for her arrest after she failed to come back to face charges of fraud by misrepresentation.

    Police believe she spent some time away from Northern Ireland but has now returned.

    A police spokesman said Ms Holmes was known to use false identities.

    She is described as being about 5ft 5in tall with blue eyes, and has been known to change her hair colour and style.

  104. Detective Michael Porter November 23, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    If anyone requires a point of contact from the Police that can supply reliable information in locating Ms Holmes please email the Detective in charge of the Belfast case to; Michael.Porter@psni.pnn.police.uk

  105. BLASTFROMTHEPAST January 29, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    Well here we are again…Two years down the line and the PSNI are no closer to catching the glamourous granny. Why dont all the people who were connedby this person contact their local PSNI snd put presure on them to find this individual or perhaps she is simply too smart for them. It seems that the publication of photos on the bbc have obviously done no good. They would be better casting their net further afield by contacting the police in the REPUBLIC. Perhaps they could be more successful
    This woman cant live on thin air. We all know how important money is to her. She either has to be working or someone is harbouring her closer than the PSNI think. Come on guys get the thinking caps on..

  106. BLASTFROMTHEPAST February 1, 2013 at 11:00 am

    Ok. A few more days have passed and no one has come forward to give their ideas. It looks like everyone has accepted that this woman has got away with her crimes and is not going to ever get caught..I was just thinking to myself this morning that had she would be out of hydebank had she not jumped ship when she did. Oh well such is life.
    I wonder if she thinks her crimes were worth it. Being unable to walk down a street, buy a newspaper or even pick up her pension without living in fear. Jules come out come out where ever you are

  107. BLASTFROMTHEPAST February 2, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    Several days have passed and no one has responded to the last comments i posted.. Perhaps you along with the PSNI have finally come to the conculsion that she will never be caught and are admitting defeat.
    Its hard to believe that Jules would be out from hydeband by now had she not disappeared when she did.
    But spare a thought for her. Imagine what it must be like not being able to walk down the street, buy a newspaper or even pick up her pension without living in a world of fear. I wonder is Jules when she is lying in bed at night has asked herself were the crimes worth this life ???

    Jules come out come out where ever you are.

  108. Blastfromthepast February 4, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    why are my messages getting blocked ?

  109. Blastfromthepast February 4, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    Its been several days since my last posting and no one has made any comment or passed any remark..Why ???
    Have you all like the PSNI just decided to lie down and take it because this woman will never be caught ????
    I was thinking this morning about Jules. Perhaps we should spare her a thought. Imagine what it must feel like to be living in constant fear when walking down the street, doing the simple things in life like buying a newspaper or even drawing her pension..must be awful. The ironic thing is that Jules would now be out of Hydebank had she not took flight when she did.
    I wonder if Jules thinks to herself were the crimes worth this ? Hydebank isn’t like the prisons in Texas. Julia come out come where ever you are. I’m waiting to see you.

  110. Blastfromthepast February 4, 2013 at 4:18 pm


  111. BLASTFROMTHEPAST February 5, 2013 at 11:18 am

    I can’t believe that people along with the PSNI who regularly view this blog have stopped contributing to it. Have you all decided that she’s never going to be caught.

    Julia, Celia ,Jules,If you stayed and done your time,instead of skipping bail and taking flight two years ago you would be a free woman now,out walking the streets collecting you pension,but no you would rather spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder. Was it worth it ? Really ??

  112. Too Smart for HER! February 17, 2013 at 11:04 pm

    Omgosh!!!!!!!!! Why would they let her post bond in the first place??? After what happen in East Tx, I don’t understand this! She really tried to CON me, but I didn’t fall for it! I really hope they find her soon!!! May she rott in HELL!!! “Blast from the Past” if your are Julia, then you know who this is!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Julia is too smart to be posting on this blog. I’m sure the PSNI could trace the posters if they could be bothered !! But you can bet your last dollar she is watching this intently.
    Like myself you were smart enough to see through her wicked and evil ways. Its a pity despite all my warnings no one seems to be taking heed. Another victim is lined up, that i can be sure of. My sympathy is running out for the idiots who get cleaned out by her…its their own naive fault.

  114. Anyone see the latest pic in The Sun?

    Hopefully we will get some closure soon.

  115. Unlike many of you I was never conned by this women. I did know her when she was living in the states. I worked with her and her husband at that time. I always knew she was a shady person. Always out spending money I KNEW she didn’t make selling mobile homes. From what I understand her stepchildern at the time also knew she was shady cause she was always starting issues between them and their father. When she wanted she was a lovely person and would give you the shirt off her back but more times than not she was very rude and didn’t have the time of day for you unless you were male and had money then she was sweeter that maple syrup. I really hate that she had her husband at the time so blinded that he would get caught up in her lies and deceit. He really did care alot about her and would do anything for her. I do agree with everyone else and beleive that BFTP is Julia or knows her really well and keeping tabs for her. I am a true believer that she will get hers. Everyone faces judgement sooner or later. Lets just hope her is sooner.

  116. Hello,

    There haven’t been any postings lately. Julia is my EX-Stepmother. I have been as helpful as possible with the PSNI but haven’t heard anything back. Does anyone have an update?

    Short of the BBC and a few other sources, I have been able to location any information from the States.

    She most recently attempted to contact me through Facebook, but that trail went cold.

    Kim Parrish

  117. This message has quite clearly been left by Julia Holmes herself!!! I had the misfortune to know Julia Holmes and she is a money grabbing thieving liar who wouldn’t know how to do an honest days work or earn an honest wage. Every word out of that woman’s mouth is a downright lie.

  118. BLASTFROMTHEPAST February 7, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    Its been nearly a full year since the last posting on this website.
    Can anyone tell me if this woman is still breathing and conning everyone she meets ?

  119. Hi Kim,
    My family and I only recently discovered who the woman who introduced herself as Julie really is! She has been living in Askeaton Co Limerick since February 2011 with her latest victim/husband, Thomas Ruttle. She has conned thousands so far, lost him his sons, family, friends and apparently miscarried two babies. She is currently saying she has cancer…she wears a wig, as a disguise I’m sure and is constantly changing the style of it. We wouldn’t be surprised If she faked her own death!
    We are worried she has done a runner as both of them won’t answer any calls and haven’t been seen in a while..:but there is still smoke coming from their chimney!
    Their business was Irish bee sensations and she was active on social media but it all seems to be shut down recently. We’ve reported all this to Bangor Police and are hoping to hear of a result soon.
    Get the bitch!!!

  120. BLASTFROMTHEPAST March 24, 2015 at 4:50 pm

    Has this wicked woman managed to avoid the long arm of the law again ?
    Has she managed to sting her latest victim i.e. the bee keeper ????? Has this man not informed the guarda and if not why not ???

    Time and time again I ask Why don’t the police on both sides of the border get their heads together and catch this wicked woman before she stings another victim

    You can be sure she has another one lined up.

    Good on you Alison for informing the Bangor police. Hopefully they will do something with your information provided. Please inform the guarda if you have not already done so.

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